Refund policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Where there is an Agreed Contract Term, the Customer may cancel Services by giving to MA Healthcare prior written notice as follows:
(i) 90 days for contract period of 12 months or more;
(ii) 45 days for contract period of between 6 and 11 months; or
(iii) 30 days for contract period of 5 months or less.
In each case the contract to expire at the end of the relevant calendar month.

In respect of any Services cancelled by the Customer before MA Healthcare has accepted the Customer’s order, MA Healthcare may at its discretion provide the Customer with a refund of payments made, subject to deducting any reasonable costs that MA Healthcare may have incurred.

If MA Healthcare cannot fulfil an order, or is unable to perform the Services (or part thereof) for any reason other than the Customer’s fault, negligence or non-compliance with these Terms, MA Healthcare will refund any payments that the Customer has made in relation to those Services (or part thereof).